Introduction to BridgerPay

Welcome to BridgerPay's doc space! We'll show you how to automate your payment flows to increase revenue and retain more customers!
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Who we are and what we do

BridgerPay is the world’s first payment operations platform, built to automate ALL payment flows with a Lego-like interface, empowering ANY business to scale their payments, insights, and revenue with a codeless, unified, and agnostic software.

Who BridgerPay is built for

Companies that accept digital payments, especially if they are transacting cross-borders or planning to. If you want to:
  • Connect any payment method to your checkout without code
  • Retain more users and convert more carts
  • Provide a seamless payment experience
We are the right solution for you!

How we can help you

Let's consider a simple case: you are an online shop owner. A visitor from another country has a credit card from their local bank and is trying to pay with it. The acquirer bank (the bank of your payment provider) declines the payment due to its risk management policy, and the client abandons their cart.
We can solve this scenario in multiple ways:
  • We'll help you pick and connect payment providers that are the most effective for the customers you serve
  • We can connect you to multiple payment providers, so declined payments can be retried and rescued in real-time
  • We allow custom payment rules to optimize your payment stack even further
In addition to higher local and international acceptance rates, BridgerPay packs a lot more features, like centralized reporting, tokenization, refunds, payouts, dynamic checkout, and everything is PCI DSS Level 1.

How it works

The customer chooses one of the payment methods available (Credit Card, APM, etc.) and inputs their checkout details. The system then checks some basic properties (e.g., the chosen payment method, country of residence, currency), and finally requests each appropriate PSP to process the transaction (for credit cards the request cascades to different PSPs according to the sequence you've chosen in case of a declined transaction). As soon as the transaction is accepted we notify you.
How it works

What we actually offer

  • A plugin that can be easily connected to your e-Commerce store based on WooCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop (more are coming!)
  • PCI DSS Level 1 dynamic checkout widget embedded in your web resource (e.g., your website)
  • A set of REST API methods that you can use to interact with our widget or connect to your own front-end solution using MPI (Note: Only PCI-compliant merchants can use their own front-end solution)
  • Payment Link which can be sent to the customer to collect a payment
  • Virtual Terminal to collect payments from customers straight from your dashboard

Let's take it one step further

Our API is not limited to receiving payments. We have a wide range of methods to solve any issue that might occur before or after a payment has been initiated, for example: status check, capture, payout, partial or full refund, and many more.
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