This page lists BridgerPay's most critical data statuses and their meaning.

When you work with the BridgerPay system—create sessions, request to execute payment transactions, and so on—the information flows contain the statuses of your operations; they are generated by BridgerPay or received from PSPs. You can use some of these statuses to filter data, and you are also notified of changes to some other statuses.




Cashier session has been created (initialized)


Cashier session has expired or has been closed


Payment transaction* has been created (initialized)


Payment transaction is in progress (applicable to debit and credit cards)


Payment transaction is in progress (applicable to bank accounts and other payment types)


Payment transaction has been authorized (commonly applicable to debit and credit cards, where payment operations are performed in two phases: "pre-auth" and "capture")


Payment transaction has been approved


Payment transaction has been declined


Payment transaction declined due to an invalid credit card


Payment has partially been refunded


Payment has fully been refunded

* Payouts are also counted as payment transactions, and all the relevant statuses are applicable to them too.