This page provides an overview of how a shopper, merchant, BridgerPay, and PSP cooperate upon integrating the MPI solution.
The MPI (Merchant API) solution is an alternative way for a commercial company (merchant) to accept payments from its b2b or b2c customers (shoppers) via the Internet. Unlike the Embed solution, it doesn't employ BridgerPay's Cashier widget, where shoppers enter their personal, contact, and business (debit or credit card credentials) information. You use your own front-end solution instead to collect this information and send it by calling the "POST MPI deposit request" method. After that, depending on the PSP's responseβ€”3D Secure dialog box to confirm the payment, status "approved", or status "declined"β€”you show the shopper the appropriate web page.
Server-side deposit flow diagram
i. A shopper enters their information on a merchant's front-end resource (e.g. website) to make a deposit.
ii. The merchant gets authorized in the BridgerPay system by using the "POST Login" method. The response of this method contains an access token.
1. The merchant initiates a deposit by using the "POST MPI deposit request" method; the shopper's information is specified there as body parameters, and the access token, as a header parameter. The response of this method contains one of the following answers in the "mpi_url" parameter (an HTML link):
  • 3D Secure dialog box to confirm the payment,
  • status "approved", or
  • status "declined".
2. The merchant copies and pastes the "mpi_url" value in an HTML-supporting application (e.g. web browser) to show it to the shopper. Depending on this value,
  1. 1.
    the shopper is asked to confirm the payment by entering a security code, and after that the transaction is approved or declined (2*).
  2. 2.
    Upon confirmation or without it, the shopper sees that the transaction has been approved or declined (2**).
3. Another parameter the "POST MPI deposit request" method returns is "id" (the transaction ID within the BridgerPay system). The merchant can use it to request information on this deposit and its current status by calling the "Get deposit by ID" method.
Additionally, BridgerPay notifies the merchant of substantial events that happen during this process: the Cashier session is initiated and closed, and the payment is approved or declined.
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