Payment Link
This page provides description on how you can use our checkout solution as payment link send by email or provided though any communication channel to collect payments.
Payment Link is constructed from 5 basic required elements:
  1. 1.
    Base URL - always constant but is different per environment
    • Sandbox =
    • Production =
  2. 2.
    cashierKey - Software-level credentials that identify a merchant; provided by BridgerPay
  3. 3.
    orderId - Transaction ID within the merchant's system
  4. 4.
    currency - Currency which a shopper's following payment transaction (deposit) will be originated in; designated according to ISO 4217 β€” Currency Codes (e.g. "USD", "CNY", or "EUR")
  5. 5.
    country - Country where the payment transaction will be made; designated according to ISO 3166-1 β€” Country Codes (e.g. "US", "CN", or "BE")
Simple Payment Link Example
This can also be represented as QR code
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