Virtual Terminal
A cashier that can be used through BridgerPay's Merchant Admin and allow your back office personnel to assist customers with deposits
The Virtual Terminal is an advanced version of a Cashier widget available in the BridgerPay Merchant Admin Portal. It allows you to make deposits on behalf of your customers by entering the personal and business information they provide you with in person, by phone, or by any other means.
The Virtual Terminal accepts only deposits made with a debit or credit card (the "Credit Card" payment method).
1. UPON LOGGING in to the BridgerPay Merchant Admin Portal, click Virtual Terminal on the main menu to open the Virtual Terminal.
Open the Virtual Terminal
2. ENTER SOME or all of these parameters (see "1" in the following figure):
Enter the basic parameters
  • Country where a payment transaction will be made; required
  • Currency which this payment transaction will be originated in; required
After these two parameters have been specified, a Cashier widget appears ("2").
  • PSP which you want to execute this transaction; optional. If not specified, all appropriate PSPs will be tried, one after another, according to your Bridger Router until the payment is accepted by one of them or declined by all of them
  • Order id in your system; optional
  • Platform id you use; optional
The latter two parameters establish integration between BridgerPay and your system: they will be included in the respective "approved" or "declined" notification ("order_id" and "platform_id").
  • IP address of your customer; optional.
3. ENTER YOUR customer's personal, contact, and business information and the transaction amount in the Cashier widget. And then click the Deposit button in the lower-right corner.
Enter your customer's information
4. WAIT UNTIL the transaction is approved or declined.
Get the result
5. GET THE notification containing all the relevant data, including the "order_id" and "platform_id" parameters.
"webhook": {
"type": "approved"
"data": {
"order_id": "a173ee15",
"meta": {
"platform_id": "CU1234"
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