WooCommerce for WordPress
This page provides descriptions of how to integrate the Embed solution by extending the WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress-driven website.
This type of integration has been introduced for small and large-sized online merchants whose commercial website is based on the WordPress engine and who rely on the WooCommerce platform as their CRM.
You need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed and configured for your WordPress-driven website; our BridgerPay WooCommerce plugin extends its functionality.
1. CLICK TO add a new plugin in the WP Admin.
2. FIND THE BridgerPay WooCommerce plugin there to install and then to activate it.
Install and activate the BridgerPay WooCommerce plugin
3. CLICK Settings on the WooCommerce left-side menu (see "1" in the following figure) and then click the Payments tab on the open page ("2").
4. MAKE SURE that the "BridgerPay Payments" is enabled ("3") and then click the respective Manage button.
Enable the BridgerPay WooCommerce plugin
5. ENTER THE following parameters on the open BridgerPay Payment screen and then click the Save changes button below. (Some of the listed parametersβ€”"Webhook url", "Success redirect url", and "Cancel redirect url"β€”are in read-only mode; you are supposed to have provided us with them earlier.)
  • ​Username we've provided you with for the chosen environment​
  • Password, for the chosen environment
  • Api key, for the chosen environment
  • Cashier key, for the chosen environment
  • Api url you use to call BrigerPay's API methods (Test or Live environment)
    • Test: https://api-sandbox.bridgerpay.dev
    • Live: https://api.bridgerpay.com
  • Cashier url you use to refer to your Cashier widget (Test or Live environment)
    • Test: https://embed-sandbox.bridgerpay.dev
    • Live: https://embed.bridgerpay.com
  • Theme options for the Cashier interface: "dark" (default), "light", or "transparent".
Please send us the following values as shown in the plugin configuration.
  • Webhook url - needed to send server-side notifications generated by our back-end
  • Success redirect url - needed to redirect your shoppers in case of a successful result of their deposit
  • Cancel redirect url - needed to redirect your shoppers in case of an unsuccessful result of their deposit
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