BridgerPay for WordPress

This page provides the descriptions of how to integrate the Embed solution as a plugin in your WordPress-driven website.

This type of integration is a good choice if you use a simple "static" website based on the WordPress engine and you don't have any CRM system to manage your business processes. In this case, BridgerPay will act as your CRM.

You need to subscribe to WordPress's Business Plan for this type of integration. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to install any plugin.

i. CREATE A WordPress page which you want to embed a Cashier widget in.

Create a WordPress page

1. CLICK TO add a new plugin in the WP Admin.

2. FIND THE BridgerPay plugin there to install and then to activate it.

Install and activate the BridgerPay plugin

3. ENTER THE following parameters on the BridgerPay Settings page and then click the Save Changes button.

Configure the BridgerPay plugin
  • Base URL of the WordPress page intended for embedding a Cashier widget

  • Cashier URL you use to refer to your Cashier widget (Test or Live environment)

  • API Key we've provided you with for the chosen environment

  • Cashier Key, for the chosen environment

  • Username, for the chosen environment

  • Password, for the chosen environment.

4. OPEN THE WordPress page intended for embedding a Cashier widget in edit mode again and add a Shortcode block there. This block is the integration of the Cashier widget, which, depending on your choice, can be

(See the suggested pages to choose the scheme and learn about the parameters—some of them are required or might be necessary for your case—and their format. The code in the following figure is an example for integrating a regular Cashier widget statically embedded in a web page.)

Add a Shortcode block

5. UPDATE THE page and enjoy the result on your website.

Enjoy the result