Introduction to BridgerPay
Welcome to BridgerPay's doc space! Here we briefly tell you who we are and how we can help you so that you'll be able to make a decision on whether our solutions would be useful to your business.
Who we are and what we do. We are a technology company that facilitates and supports payment processes between individual customers and businesses.
Our solutions might interest you if you are a commercial company accepting payments from your b2b or b2c customers via the Internet, and you look forward to expanding your business by attracting foreign shoppers or by offering different payment methods. Or you might struggle for retaining visitors who wish to buy your goods or services but can't pay for them and thus leave — we can help here too.
How we can help you. Let's consider a simple case. You are the owner of an Internet shop. A visitor from another country who's just received a credit card from their local bank is trying to pay with it. The bank that serves you declines the payment transaction due to the risk management policy, and the visitor leaves. Let alone an attempt to pay using an alternative method.
Among various PSPs available to us, we'll find one to meet the payment method of almost any customer even if others consider this method unpopular, extravagant, or too risky. We'll let you choose which of the available PSPs you will request first and which ones you will always ignore. We'll also provide you with "after-payment" services, such as refunds and payouts.
How it works. We check the basic properties of a shopper—a payment method, country of residence, and currency—against a list of available PSPs. And then we request each appropriate PSP, one after another according to the sequence you've chosen, to execute the payment transaction. As soon as the transaction is accepted we notify you of it.
How-it-works diagram
What we actually offer. Two solutions: one is a BridgerPay widget embedded in your web resource (e.g. your website) which your customers will interact with when making payments. The other is a set of REST API methods that you connect to your own front-end solution to use it instead of our widget. You can try both in our sandbox to decide which is more suitable for your business.
Something else. Our API is not limited to letting your customers make a deposit. We are ready to offer you a wide range of elaborate methods to solve any issue that might occur before or after a payment has been completed: status check, capture, payout, partial or full refund, and more.
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